Arlo Pro review: A TOP Home Security System


Arlo Security system is a simple, top rated and effective security camera system which you can install pretty much anywhere. Arlo is quickly becoming the top choice for people in the home security camera market. It is very easy to install, uses hardware that is the best in its class, there are no contracts to be signed, and it has a design that allows you to mount it virtually anywhere.

Arlo Pro Review: What you need to know


Arlo is the kind of home security system which is a really good buy if you do not really need a whole lot of bells and whistles. The tagline of the brand is “Every Angle Covered,” this goes onto specify the real selling point of this camera. The camera can really be put virtually at any spot on the property.

This security camera system does an awesome job at the basics. It comes in various models that are well suited for outdoor and indoor applications. One of the most popular models is Arlo Pro 2. Arlo is also offering a video monitor for capturing your baby’s movements. All of their models are fully wireless and are designed keeping in mind the needs of DIY installations. Once you have the camera, it will not take long before you get the equipment up and running. The simplicity of the system works out as its biggest advantage as well as disadvantage. There is also another model. What is the difference between Arlo vs Arlo Pro ?

Pros and Cons

ARLO-1You may feel frustrated by the lack of certain features that are commonly found on the other home security systems. One such feature is an audio recording. It, however, does offer a comprehensive app so to help you manage the hardware and all of this at very reasonable prices.

You get access to video recording features when you subscribe to the server. You are signed up to the basic plan by default with no cost to you. You can get the entire security camera system just by paying for the equipment, without having to worry about any contracts. Arlo Security is not in the area of offering professional services for live monitoring.

Netgear carries a good reputation for its customer service, and that is extended to Arlo security system products as well. There are a couple of ways of getting assistance if you have any problems or question regarding your home security system.

Answers and Questions

There is a very active community around the product that answers most of the questions, and a full knowledge base is also available to get answers to most pressing problems. All these resources prove to be very handy when you are starting out setting up your camera and using it for the first time. Resource section and FAQs are some other paths to pursue when in doubt.

An extensive center set up for support contains articles and videos so that you get to learn the most optimal ways of using the equipment. If you are in need of individual help, you can make use of live chat which is available to all the customers.

Arlo Pro Review: Verdict

Arlo security systems offer a very simple though the powerful solution for home security, with a few awesome features that this solution shine.

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