Closet Design Idea


Now more than ever, it is easier to be in style and in tune with the rest of the world as far as your closet design is concerned. There is such a wide variety of laminated and melamine finishes you can pick from. There is no reason to just be satisfied with an ordinary old closet when you can make your selection from a range of exciting and stylish closet design ideas as shown below. Remember to take a look at some of our top closet organization tips for interior decorating ideas from modern wood flooring to the color of the shelves for your jewellery.

Elevated Closet Interiors

Closet Design Idea

The best way to ensure there is sufficient space for your boots is to elevate your closet area while making sure there is sufficient space on top for your hat display. Nicely rounded off by beautifying crystal-like chandelier lighting to highlight the rest of your wardrobe.

Modern Closet Design for the Modern Woman

No more need to search for your personal jewellery as this closet serves you well in having just enough space for your necklaces and bangles as you enter your own personal closet. The ideal design for the modern woman who is always looking for ways to accentuate her good looks.

Luxury Galore Closet Interiors

Closet Design

This haven of a closet proves to provide welcome comforts to its users in the form of soft velvety seating with comfortable backing where you can get rid of both shoes and clothes at the end of a long hard day. Everything you need is well within reach from your chest of drawers to the clothes that are hanging.

Well-organized Closet Space with White Interiors

Well-organized Closet Space with White Interiors

There is no need to wonder where anything is within this well-organized closet where everything is visible to the naked eye. The soft white stool proves very welcoming for getting rid of your boots when you need a change of clothing.

Ultra Modern and Stylish Closet Interiors

Great space for his and hers with a space like light protruding from the center of the ceiling. The lovely shades of grey make you feel welcome in your own well-organized space while the mirror at the far end gives creates a spacious feeling as it makes your closet space look bigger than it is.

Soft Shadows Foyer Type of Closet Design

Feel like the Queen of Sheba as you step into the bright and airy foyer type closet that proves to be very inviting with soft yellow wall colors and well-positioned lighting with space allocated for vases to suit your taste in style and decor.

Pretty Pink Bedroom Closet Storage Design

Pretty Pink Bedroom Closet Storage Design

Feel like a fairy princess with the beautiful soft pink flower wallpaper surrounding your closet area while your clothes are neatly stacked behind glass panels that are covered by lovely pink curtains. The ideal set up for women who are crazy over anything pink.

Crisp and Clean Shopfront Closet Interiors

Closet Design Idea

The bright white mirror panes of your closet door where the chest of drawers are centered will give you the feeling that you are busy shopping for new clothes. The only difference is that you are entering your own domain where you can admire your good looks from all angles as reflected by the mirrors around you.

Now that you had a look at some of the best closet interior designs be sure to make use of the following useful tips in organizing your closet:

  • You need to make up your mind as to what is important and let your closet provide the solution.
  • Use double, medium, and long hang areas to maximize your hanging space.
  • Making use of adjustable shelving is a great way to get your boots to fit.
  • Consider building your closet off the floor to accommodate any floor changes later on and for ease of cleaning.
  • Lastly, by adding a valet rod you can be sure that your clothes for work or play are ready to be used the next day.

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