Home Bar Design Ideas


If you love entertaining, which most of us love doing, then having your own home bar will be a welcome addition to your family or media room. Even the smallest space in your home can be converted into a bar. Depending on your budget, you can either fully customize your home bar or just set up a simple bar design. Try some of our truly exciting ideas to help you design a bar that will match your decor perfectly.

Smart Night Blue LED Lights Home Bar

It is truly amazing what a difference blue LED lighting can do for your home bar. It creates a VIP feeling among your guests and creates the impression that you are sitting in a night club instead of a normal home bar. The wide-open viewing and darker ceiling sets the tone for a very entertaining evening.

Cosy Rustic Stone Counter Bar Design


You can easily create a warm rustic type of atmosphere with marble countertops, modern wood flooring and stone side walls where the presence of the nearby pool table help people to experience a true pub and grub feeling.

Stylish Home Cocktail Bar

Home Bar Design Ideas

The best way to entertain your lady friends is by turning an unused corner into a cocktail bar that proves to be very inviting due to the colorful pink square bar stools and white marble countertop.

Classic Cornerstone Home Bar Interiors

Home Bar Design Ideas

Be the center of attraction by positioning your home bar in the central area of the room. The horseshoe style design proves very useful as it helps to entertain more friends or family members. The four cornerstone pillars flow beautifully into the marble countertop while the terracotta floor adds its own unique style.

Casual Sportsbar with Separate Entertainment Section

Casual Sportsbar with Separate Entertainment Section

Entertaining sports fans is easy with the very casual wooden top home bar while the rest of the crowd can relax on the white lounge chair enjoying either a movie or whatever their hearts desire. The shiny wooden block floor certainly adds a welcoming touch to the whole atmosphere.

Authentic Couples Home Bar

Who said that you cannot still have your own bar when you have limited space. Couples could enjoy a well-deserved glass of wine on this authentic branch-like round glass bar table that is complemented with a very stylish enclosed double wine rack.

Luxury Oak Bar and Entertainment Centre

Luxury Oak Bar and Entertainment Centre

The beautiful oak bar provides sufficient entertainment to guests who love a good chat while they can easily break away every now and again for a game of pool. Movie lovers will not feel left out as they will marvel at the well-positioned oak entertainment center in the far corner of the room.

Traditional Style Vintage Bar

Home Bar Design Ideas

The vintage bar stools and beautifully curved marble countertop proves to be a very nice setting for older folks who enjoy good company while savouring the warmth of a nearby fireplace on cooler evenings.

With designs like these, your home bar will truly be eye-catching and your home will be the go-to place for both friends and family who loves having a good time. You will never have to be lonely again as your friends will be very good company.


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