How to Choose the Best Home Theater System


Do you want to watch the effect of being at the scene again and again while watching a movie, thanks to the impressive sound? Find out right now which home theater is better to choose.

One of the important components of a home theater is the acoustic system, through which the atmosphere of the movie is transmitted. Sound is fed to independent channels. Their number varies from 2 to 9, so the speaker system is divided by type.

The number “1” indicates a separate channel to the subwoofer (special button), which reproduces the low frequencies of the sound range. It is thanks to her that sound effects (explosions, strikes) sound extremely realistic.

How to Choose a Home Theater


home_theater_systemThe wider this range, the richer the sound and the less the risk of loss of part of the high or low frequencies. To estimate this parameter, it is worth knowing that a person perceives the range of 16 Hz-20 kHz.

Player connection

Wired is reliable and relatively cheap, but inconvenient, since cables are often confused.

Wireless – compares favorably with the previous version of the lack of wires, but loses in sound quality and will cost more.

When choosing a home theater, consider the size of the room. For a small room, mounted speakers are optimal to free up space in the room.

How to install a home theater?

To know how to install a home cinema 5.1 or others, analyze the characteristics of the room. For maximum sound effect, place the speakers around the perimeter of the room.

Consider the important points:

  • The viewer must be in the center of the square or rectangular perimeter of the speaker system.
  • set the front pair of speakers on both sides of the screen;
  • determine the high-frequency speaker in the center just above the screen, pointing at the viewer at a right angle;
  • rear speakers position behind the seats at a distance of at least 1 meter. Install them at head height (can be slightly higher). If located below, the sound will be distorted, reflected from the floor and furniture;
  • Place the subwoofer anywhere.

Resource: Home Theater Installation

To the note: in order to achieve the purest sound in the speakers, buy cables based on oxygen-free copper coated with silver.

Now you know how to choose and install a home theater.

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