How To Style A Bookshelf In Creative Ways


Many people think of bookshelves as a location to keep books. However, it could be more of an all-encompassing display and also a focal point in your room once you learn the way to style it. Follow this advice in order to make your bookcase less of a simple storage eyesore and more of a fun display. Here are tips How To Style A Bookshelf In Creative Ways

Arrange your books

Obviously the first step in the process of organizing your current bookcase must be to take stock of the books you need to put there. It really is, after all, a location to store your books. You will need to take a peek at the number of books you have and make a decision on how you can arrange all of them. A few shelves might be shorter or taller rather than others, therefore you will have to make the decision where your books fit very best. You are able to stand them up, lay down your books flat, or do a mix of both.

Harmony your colours

Style A Bookshelf

Another aspect you will need to think about is colour. The spines of your books most likely have a wide range of different colors and shades. Therefore you will need to balance them in some way. You are able to organise all of them by color, actually separating every single color family with different shelves as shown. You can also just balance main colors through the case in general. To achieve that, you will have to ensure that darkish colors are combined in together with lighter colors, and eye-catching colors such as reddish colored are spread out equally through the case in general.

Add bookends

You do not have to really go out and buy bookends, however, you can make use of items all-around your house that you would like to display to split up different sections of books. In case you categorized your books into various colour families, in that case, it must be an easy task to determine where you can place your bookends. But in case you spread out the colors then you must spread out your bookends within the same kind of way, ensuring that they are equally spaced through the whole bookcase.

Add statement pieces

How To Style A Bookshelf In Creative Ways

You may also include bigger items on some of your shelves, like urns, lamps, or even some other big items. You are able to set these items on the shelves on their own, or even put them on top of a stack of books. However, ensure that bigger items are spaced out through the case and not consolidated in a single area.

Fill in the rest

How To Style A Bookshelf In Creative Ways

After you have your shelves essentially filled, then you can include some other little items which you would like to display. Picture frames, toys, and also other small household goods will help fill in any little spaces and add a much more personal touch for your bookcase.

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