Interior Decorating Ideas for Powder Rooms


Your guests deserve their own special powder room. Dating back to the 18th century, the powder rooms these days have evolved into what is known as a smaller bathroom or half bathroom. It offers the user facilities such as a toilet, a sink and vanity. Powder rooms prove to be a welcome addition to any home and are generally only limited by one’s imagination.

The standard powder room normally is about 18 to 20 square feet. Let’s take a sneak peek at some exciting design ideas for powder rooms.

Authentic Bushveld Style Powder Room

Start your own adventure every time you or your guest visits the powder room. The soft glow of the wall lanterns and tree branch mirror frames coupled with a vessel sink and antique style tap with lovely pink wallpaper and wood flooring gives you a head start for the day that lays ahead of you.

Modern Powder Room Interiors

Modern Powder Room Interiors

What seems to be walnut wood certainly adds its own unique touch to this powder room where the guest will feel right at home due to a welcoming round wall mirror and the well-matched patterned wallpaper that creates a sandpaper effect.

Musk Marble Sink and Tall Mirror Interiors

Your guests will feel very special when greeted with lovely protea flowers, their own guest hand towels, cylindrical hanging black patterned lamps, and musk colored marble sink with a beautiful off white painted wall that is enhanced with a well-matched tallish mirror.

Classic Style Interiors With a Space Aged Mirror

Classic Style Interiors With a Space Aged Mirror

The best way to add a spacious feel to any powder room is to make use of a silver framed mirror. The guest will experience a truly classical style as they get to observe the stylish wall candle lighting that blends in perfectly with the fan-like patterns on the wallpaper.

Ultra Modern Elegant Powder Room Interiors

From the beautiful modern curvy sink and tap to the outstanding lily wallpaper this powder room sure takes your breath away. The tall plain frame-less mirror and jewellery like chandeliers add its own unique touch to the powder room.

True American Western Style Decor

Your guests will feel like they are part of an old American western tradition when they enter this powder room. The statue of an Indian woman coupled with wooden panels and a stone slab as a base for your metal sink where candles are spotted to your left adds a western feeling to this powder room. The mirror that is being looked upon by two dogs speaks of a unique Indian tradition.

Neat Lime Green Powder Room Design

Neat Lime Green Powder Room Design

The lime wallpaper speaks for itself while the beautiful white wall lamps and white framed mirror accentuates the clean good looks of this powder room. It allows the decorator to add their own accessories according to their own personal preference.

Warm Earthen Style Powder Room

This kind of design makes you feel closer to the earth as the bright wall lamps reflect warmly against the ceramic wall tiles. The rest of the decor, including the rustic colored sink, blends in very well with the rest of the interiors.

Taking a look at some of these smart modern creative designs will give anyone a clearer idea on what to look out for and what kind of interiors will suit their powder room best.

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