Review of the Primo Oval XL 400 Cooker


Ceramic grill Primo Oval XL400 – a real find for lovers of delicious delicacies, which are prepared on coals. This model is the most in demand on the market. The XL400 boasts the largest working surface, which almost doubles due to the installation of gratings of the second tier and reaches an incredible 4.386 cm².

Primo XL 400 Ceramic Grill Review


The oval shape is patented by the company, so the advantages of this form are only available in the Primo range. A very important advantage of the oval shape that is inaccessible to competitors is the rational use of the working surface. This makes it easy to spread and turn food during cooking. Also, using a cast iron separator, you can use the XL400 as an oven and grill. The separator divides the coal into two separate zones, one of which can be fried for example steaks, and the other (without coal at low temperatures) to cook seafood and vegetables.

Cooking on the Primo XL400

Cooking on the Primo XL400 is indescribably nice and easy. Learning to work with him is a matter of a few hours. Grilling is very easy to prepare for work, just kindle coal and after 15-20 minutes. You can spread the products. No need to use all the possibilities of the grill, you can install a ceramic partition and fill with coal only half of the Primo. This helps to save coal. In general, Primo is 3-5 times more economical in terms of coal consumption than metal grills and barbecues. The average consumption of the Primo XL400 is 3 kg. coal for 4 hours of work. Primo XL400 can with one coal load to smoke products up to 36 hours. Ceramic reflectors are used for this.

Many dishes that are served in restaurants in America and Europe can not be cooked without the Primo XL400. That is why Primo’s demand among professionals is very high. Only high-quality, thick-walled ceramics allows to achieve a unique taste.

Primo Grill XL400 has many additional accessories. They can be purchased separately. They significantly expand the configuration of the work area. The basis of the XL400 is convection. The air is fed to the grill through the lower ventilation window and heated by charcoal. Already heated air passes through the ingredients and exits through the upper vent. Since the grill is ceramic, and not made of metal, the heat persists much longer and the food remains as juicy as possible.

Primo Grill can be used in a variety of ways to prepare a variety of dishes: fry at high temperatures, stew, smoke, cook pilaf, sauces, bake large chunks of meat, pig, or birds, fry in a cast-iron frying pan, bake pizza, make pastries, and much more. In fact, the list is almost endless. And all these dishes will be very tasty.

Grill XL400 is very unpretentious to care. Once 6-12 months. It is necessary to tighten the metal rings. The grill is self-cleaning, it needs to be simply heated to a high temperature and the grease and the rests of food on the walls will burn and disappear themselves. The ceramic grill elements are made of high quality natural materials. That is why they can withstand temperatures above 1300 ° C. Also, this ceramics allows the use of a smaller number of coals, very quickly heats up and shortens cooking time.

The temperature inside is easily and precisely controlled by means of a built-in thermometer. Also as an accessory is an electronic remote thermometer that can signal the temperature has reached both inside the grill and inside the dish.

Basic equipment Primo Oval XL400 Cast iron grate, internal additional ceramic bowl for creating the thermos effect, enameled stainless steel grill, cast iron grill on the grill cover for adjusting the temperature inside, built-in thermometer. Of course, you can purchase from us any additional accessories.

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