What Could I Do with Leftover Juice Pulp?


There is no better way than starting a day with a glass of fresh juice. A glass of juice can also be called a glass of nutrients regardless whether it has been made from vegetables or fruits. It is not a combination of blissful of color but also a good for our skin, stomach & overall digestion. But one thing that perplex everyone in the juice making is Juice Leftovers.

Leftover Juice Pulp

juice_pulpA good juicer for fruits and vegetables always separates the juice and the fiber regardless of the item you are juicing- vegetables, fruits or anything else. While the juice is stored in a bowl or pot, the fiber, widely known as juice pulp comes out separately, in some good juicer in another pot. Some people just throw away this leftover pulp. They also throw a handful of nutrition away. As most of us wonder what to do with this leftover juice pulp, here are some really useful ideas to use those pulps.

Mix it in your favorite mac and cheese

Mac and cheese are on everyone’s favorite food list, whether the organic or just some ready pasta mix with shredded cheese and butter. By mixing in the juicer pulp will definitely boost up the nutrient value of the traditional old-fashioned dull mac and cheese. Although this actually serves if you are juicing essentially vegetables. Beets are a particularly fun item as they make your pasta to turn pink.

Make the fruit salad with fruit juice leftovers

Fruit salad is a common menu to have for lunch or dinner or just as an evening snack, you can cut up any fruit you have at home (e.g. apples, pears, oranges, raisins, grapes etc.) and mix it in a bowl with some yogurt, a bit of honey, and some oil. Then just mix in the leftover juicer pulp. This is excellently appropriated when the leftover pulp is essentially fruits.

Cook veg leftover pulps along with chicken broth

Chicken broth is used to cook many food items. It increases food quality as well as it improves the taste. Next time when you cook a whole pot of stewing chicken broth do not forget to infuse your bowl full of leftover veg pulp. The veg pulp not only adds amazing flavor but also increases nutrient values.

Use it with pancakes and eggs

Are you done with juicing for breakfast and mixing in for pancakes? Turn your traditional pancakes to a MasterChef item by mixing your leftover juice pulp in your pancakes mixture. These juice pulp also complements scrambled eggs as well as an omelet. It not adds nutrition to your breakfast menu but also makes it vivid and attractive.

Make bread

breadVeg juice leftover as well as fruit juice leftovers, both improves the taste of home bread. All you need to do is mix in the leftovers while you are kneading your bread dough. Surprise your family with your new, tasty veg or fruit flavored bread. Kids will love the new taste of such bread for their snacks.

Cake your fruit juice leftovers

Are you planning to make a fruitcake? Toss in your fruit juice leftover to your cake mix and just bake the cake as usual. Your fruitcake is ready without putting in any effort to cut fruit pieces. You can enjoy the fruit fiber with every bite of your cake.

Veg Balls

Whether you are a vegetarian or not you can always roll your veg juice leftovers to make veg balls. After making balls you can either deep fry it or cook it in Chinese style. Either way, it will just taste awesome with rice, noodles and even with pasta.

So, next time you end up with a bowl of juice leftover pulp, fuse it rather than tossing it. Happy eating!

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